Academic Background and Main Positions Held

You can get my CV here (last update: Jan 2021). Alternatively, you can see my CV Lattes from CNPq (in portuguese)

2020 - now

President, Brazilian Society of Computational and Applied Mathematics

  • Chair of the Director's Board


Habilitation, ICMC - USP, São Carlos/SP

  • Monograph: Topics in Probability and Discrete Mathematics.

2019 - now

Assistant Professor, CCEN - UFPE, Recife/PE

  • Graduate and undergraduate teaching. Research.

  • Head of the Research Group Stochastic Processes and Random Structures.

  • Deputy Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Statistics (since 12/2020).

2018 - 2019

Director's Board, Brazilian Society of Comput. and Applied Math.

  • Coordinator of the XXXIX Congresso Nacional de Matemática Aplicada e Computacional.

  • Co-creator and coordinator of the Comitê Latino Americano de Matemática Aplicada, Computacional e Industrial.

2017 - 2020

CNPq Research Fellow

  • Research fellowship level: 2. Field: Mathematics and Statistics.

2015 - 2016

Postdoctoral Period, LPMA - Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France.

  • Project: Asymptotic behavior of stochastic processes on graphs and applications.

2012 - 2019

Assistant Professor, ICMC - USP, São Carlos/SP.

  • Deputy Coordinator of the Joint Graduate Program in Statistics UFSCar/USP (2017-2019).

  • Co-creator of the Workshop on Probabilistic and Statistical Methods held annually by USP and UFSCar.

2010 - 2011

Postdoctoral Period, IMECC - UNICAMP, Campinas/SP.

  • Project: Systems of random walks and their applications to information diffusion models.


Ph.D. Degree in Statistics, IME - USP, São Paulo/SP.

  • Thesis: Limit theorems for general stochastic rumor models. Advisor: Fábio Prates Machado. Co-advisor: Élcio Lebensztayn.


Master Degree in Statistics, IME - USP, São Paulo/SP.

  • Dissertation: Phase transition for a disk percolation model on graphs. Advisor: Élcio Lebensztayn


Mathematician, Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia, Argentina.

  • Manuel Balanzat Prize awarded by the Argentinian Mathematical Union for the best monograph in Mathematics written by a undergraduate student from an Argentinian University. Monograph: Derivations in Normed Spaces.


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