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Pablo M. Rodriguez

Adjunct Professor UFPE & Council member SBMAC

About me

I am an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Statistics at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), located in the city of Recife, PE, Brazil. Also, I am a Council member and former President of the Brazilian Society of Computational and Applied Mathematics (SBMAC). My current research activity can be divided into three broad lines. The main part is focused in using interacting particle systems, percolation models and special stochastic processes on graphs to describe the spread of an information and other similar phenomena on a population.


Also, I am interested in studying (asymptotical) properties of random structures inspired by biological questions, and related subjects of discrete mathematics. This includes from percolation and random graph models to some branching processes with selection. Finally, and more recently, I started to get involved in studying an algebraic structure called evolution algebra. My interest in this subject is because it has been suggested in the literature the existence of a nice interplay between this concept and some notions related to discrete-time Markov chains.

... and some curiosities!


Thanks to the Mathematics Genealogy Project, a service of the NDSU Department of Mathematics, in association with the American Mathematical Society, I known that part of my Mathematics Genealogy is formed by Fabio Machado (and Elcio Lebensztayn), Pablo Ferrari, Enrique Andjel, Thomas Liggett, Samuel Karlin, Salomon Bochner, Erhard Schmidt, David Hilbert, Lindemann, Felix Klein, Julius Plücker, Christian Ludwig Gerling, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Johann Friedrich Pfaff, Abraham Gotthelf Kästner, Christian August Hausen, Johann Christoph Witchmannshausen, Otto Mencke, Jakob Thomasius, and Friedrich Leibniz (1622)!

The Erdős number describes the "collaborative distance" between mathematician Paul Erdős and another person, as measured by authorship of mathematical papers. Erdős wrote around 1,500 mathematical articles in his lifetime, mostly co-written. He had 509 direct collaborators; these are the people with Erdős number 1. The people who have collaborated with them (but not with Erdős himself) have an Erdős number of 2 (12,600 people as of 7 August 2020), and so on. My Erdös number is 3 because I have collaborated with Kang who collaborated with Loebl who collaborated with Erdös!


Departamento de Estatística

Centro de Ciências Exatas e da Natureza (CCEN)

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE)
Av. Jornalista Aníbal Fernandes, 497-629

Cidade Universitária, 50740-540

Recife, PE, Brazil

Office 442 (CCEN)

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